Professional trainings

The School of Holistic Sensual (tantra) massage

In the year 2005 Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík have put together a unique Holistic Sensual massage, which has spread very quickly-thanks to their courses, not only all over the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The massage has oustanding results with the overlap into the other areas of life. It can rise the life energy, love and joy in a very short time. It also helps to support healing and sensitivity.  More info about the Holistic Sensual Massage professional training EASE here.


Core Touch EASE Professional training

2nd advanced level of Holistic Sensual Massage Professional Training EASE. This training is for for those who want to help oter pople in the field of sexuality and partnership. The training is created mainly for those, who already work as bodyworkers, sex teachers, yoga instructors, psychologists and medical case workers. Nevertheless it is also advisable for those who woul like to undergo a really deep path of self-transformation and to widen own possibilities of perceiving an experiencing. More info about the training here.


Vaginal Mapping

Although we may understand the causes of pain and difficulties in our lives, this understanding of the context alone is not enough to make the change. Every experience, every feeling is first in the body and only after we give it a “sticker”, a label and we are searching for the reasons of its origin, etc. When using the Vaginal Mapping technique, we go directly to the memory and to the wisdom of the body. Moreover, it is not necessary to know where this or that feeling originated and why. It is important to feel through it and to release it. It is like getting rid of the body´s waste. Thereafter we can enjoy anchoring in our own midst that we experience as profound peace and greater inner freedom – and unexpected new possibilities emerge in our lives. More about Vaginal mapping trainings here.


Scar tissue healing

Tissue disconnection, or more precisely nerves disconnection of the scar can lead to numbness, pains, and it often contatenates into the whole body and causes seemingly unreasonable chronic pains such as headache, joint pain, backpain and so on. Unhealed scar tissues are often the cause of the problems with incontinence and intestines pain. We offer methods for scar tissue healing and special techniques of intimate massage and suitable oils. More about Scar Tissue Healing trainings here.


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