1. DVD Umění doteku
  2. The Best of Vulva Massage
  3. The Best of Vulva Massage, Volume II
  4. Sensual Massage for Pregnacy
  5. The Best of Penis Massage
  6. Lover Getting Started wit Erotic Massage
  7. Divine Nectar: An Explosive Journey Through the Sacred Feminine
  9. Femme à femme – Erotic Massage
  10. Fire in the Valley – Female Genital Massage
  11. Fire on the Mountain – Male Genital Massage
  12. Uranus – Self Anal Massage for Men
  13. Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure – Volume 1
  14. Anal Massage for Lovers – Volume 2
  15. Evolutionary Masturbation – An Intimate Guide to the Male Orgasm
  16. Masturbation Memoirs
  17. The art of fiale Self Pleasuring
  18. Expand her orgasm tonight!
  19. Oral Sex for Couples – Volume One – Connected Cunnilingus and Fabulous Fellatio
  20. Oral Sex For Couples – Volume Two – Orgasmic Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Anilingus
  21. Oral Sex For Couples -Volume Three- Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking
  22. Porod jak jej známe
  23. Cesta k ženskému orgasmu
  24. Soft Cock Erotic Massage: Sensuous Lessons for the Orgasmic Man



Uměni doteku

Délka: 78 minut

Cena: 750,- Kč

Výukové DVD (2 DVD) od zakladatelů celostní smyslné (neboli tantrické masáže) v ČR Denisy Palečkové a RIcharda Vojíka.

Naučíte se:

úvodní rituál, masáž horkými žínkami, masáž hebkými předměty, olejovou masáž. DVD je vhodné pro zpestření partnerského života a pro profesionální maséry. Více na





The Best of Vulva Massage (To nejlepší z masáže vulvy)


Délka: 120 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč

This anthology of erotic touch includes video clips from sex educators, tantra teachers, ecstatics, orgasm coaches, erotic bodyworkers.
You will experience vulva wisdom from these erotic pioneers: Betty Dodson, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Annie Sprinkle, Joseph Kramer, Deborah Anapol, Suzie Heumann, Jack Painter, Deborah Sundahl, Juliet Anderson, Victor Gold, Jwala.
This stimulating collection offers the full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving , ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching and good old fashioned pleasuring.
The DVD includes more than two and a half hours of entirely new erotic teaching and commentary from Annie Sprinkle, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence, Jwala and Deborah Sundahl.
This DVD is also available for a reduced price when purchased with other DVDs. See the DVD Bundle Collection specials.

The Best of Vulva Massage, Volume II (To nejlepší z masáže vulvy, vol II)


Délka: 100 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč

Nejnovější DVD, vydáno na podzim 2009.

Pestrý a inspirující výběr z 11 DVD – bestsellerů. Budete se učit od následujících učitelů doteku: Joseph Kramer, Annie Sprinkle, Jaiya, Jon Hanauer, Tallulah Sulis, Betty Dodson, Dorrie Lane, Destin and Anastasia, Roy Turpin a Suz. Úžasné ukázky zahrnují milování s partnerem, autoerotickou masáž, sexuální koučink, použití vibrátoru a souběžnou masáž vulvy a anální oblasti.
Tato lekce zahrnuje nahotu a instrukce k erotickému doteku krok za krokem.

Sensual Massage for Pregnancy (Smyslná masáž pro těhotné)


Délka: 60 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč

In this pleasure-filled perineal massage DVD, Jaiya, the creator of the Red Hot Touch DVD series, will guide you and your partner through a sensual massage for the entire pregnant body. Jaiya‚s revolutionary perineal massage will help you soften your pelvic floor and prepare you for labor and delivery. This is not the same old stretch technique taught to most pregnant women. This awesome massage is an intimate and pleasureable way for expecting parents to connect. Jaiya‘s touch techniques are also powerful and healing for use postpartum, especially as a preparation for intercourse.

In this DVD you will learn:

A Sensual Massage for the Entire Body · Genital Massage and Pleasurable Perineal Massage · Tips to Keep Your Perineum Intact During Delivery · Inspiring Information to Create an Orgasmic Birth

Extra Features

Pleasuring the Pregnant Woman Teachings · Visionary Film Clip of Jaiya’s Home Water Birth

The Best of Penis Massage (To nejlepší z masáže penisu)


Délka: 65 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč


The Best of Penis Massage is the result of twenty-five years of research on how to eroticize the whole body by stimulating the genitals. Learn from the following somatic educators – all part of the same erotic tradition: Ben Haggard, Bruce Grether, Isa Magdalena, Jaiya, Joe Miron, Jon Hanauer, Joseph Kramer, Matthew Simmons, Steve Davis, Tho Vong, and Ursula Riana.
This stimulating collection of footage from eight DVDs offers the full spectrum of male genital massage: lovemaking with a partner, selfloving, erotic initiation, sex coaching, exploring altered states, and good old-fashioned pleasuring. Enjoy the playfulness and creativity of men and women liberated from sexual habit.

Lovers Getting Started with Erotic Massage (Erotická masáž pro milence)


Délka: 120 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 500 Kč 

We can be partnered with someone for years and still not know what touches they enjoy. Anastasia and Destin are artists and sex educators learning how to be an erotic couple. In this serene setting with elegant lighting, we see their beautiful bodies undulating in full response to touch. They show you how they use touch to expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust. Finally, Lovers is for real people. Many of us can feel sensitive when we are trying new ways of having sex. Anastasia and Destin give us access to incredibly intimate and vulnerable discussions that only real lovers have.
Dr. Joseph Kramer says, „It‚s no mistake we put Getting Started in the title because oftentimes it‘s the first step that’s the hardest. But what a pay off–finding new ways to create extraordinary connection and unlimited pleasure for ourselves and our lovers.“

  • DVD Features
  • Anastasia’s Astonishing Sexual Response
  • Four Hands on Destin: All four of the lovers‘ hands caress and arouse Destin
  • Woman on Top: Anastasia creates new sensations in Destin as she climbs on top
  • Our Favorite Strokes: Our lovers teach the penis and vulva massage strokes they love the most
  • Preparing to Touch: Stretching and Breathing
  • Penis Make-Over: Foreskin Restoration exercises for a man and his partner to increase penis sensitivity
  • Plus extra resources for you to expand your education

Divine Nectar: An Explosive Journey Through the Sacred Feminine (Posvátný nektar: explozivní cesta skrze posvátné ženství)


Délka: 77 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč

You are invited to take an erotic, educational and visionary journey through the vulva portal into the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation. Six women offer us an intimate look at their experience with ejaculation. You will witness and learn the revolutionary process of reclaiming our Divine Nectar, which has only recently been rediscovered as a part of women’s sexuality. Every woman has the anatomy for the ejaculation experience. Let the art, music and women of this DVD inspire and guide you.

Directed by Tullulah Sulis, Somatic sexologist and erotic educator, with art direction & animation by Davin.


“ This ground-breaking gem is hot, wet, and enlightening! Truly a unique tapestry of art, sexuality and education.” Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D

“A beautiful video that expresses the inherent nature of the sacred feminine in female ejaculation.” Deborah Sundahl, a pioneer of women’s sexuality, author and video producer



Say „yes“ to an amazing, more fulfilling sex life. This beautiful DVD series will teach you how to use touch to inspire deep pleasure. Be aroused by Jaiya’s sensual voice as she guides you through 5 DVDs each designed to take you further into enjoyment as you learn erogenous zones, genital massage for both men and women, anal massage and erotic touch for sexual positions. This DVD series is based on RED HOT TOUCH the book and was shot in high definition video, bringing detailed vibrancy to an educational odyssey of sensuality and passion designed to make you and your partner ultimate lovers. You can purchase each DVD individually or the total package of all 5 DVDs.

RED HOT TOUCH: EROGENOUS ZONES AND ORGASMIC MASSAGE (Masáž erotogenních zón a orgasmická masáž)


Cena:1 DVD 650 Kč (Set 5 DVD řada RED HOT TOUCH 3000 Kč)

Yes! You can give your partner an unforgettable sensual experience!

Ignite passion and arousal in your lover as you learn how to touch, kiss, and awaken the erogenous zones of the body. Turn “not tonight, honey” into “Yes! “Yes!” Please! Again!” Not only will you learn the simple artistry of pleasurable trance-inducing-touch, but you will also enjoy the sensual visuals of this DVD that are infused with the energy of full body pleasure.

You have the option of listening to the voice-over-instruction of somatic-sex-expert Jaiya, or a hypnotic music track. The three beautiful couples on this DVD show you a range of connection and experience. This DVD is a sensualist’s must!

“Thank you so much for making this DVD! My husband started giving me these massages without pressuring me to have sex…. now we are making love again after two years with no physical intimacy… I can’t thank you enough.”- Alice

RED HOT TOUCH: EROTIC TOUCH FOR SEXUAL POSITIONS (Erotický dotek pro sexuální pozice)


Cena: 1 DVD 650 Kč (Set 5 DVD řada RED HOT TOUCH 3000 Kč)

What are Jaiya’s Secrets to unbelievable lovemaking?

In this DVD will she will teach you how to use the artistry of touch to heighten pleasure as you move through a variety sexual positions thus turning sexual union into an astonishing adventure. Join three beautiful couples as they play together, showing you how to use your hands for greater stimulation, deeper connection and increased intimacy. Feel the infusion of eroticism as you feast on the pleasure portrayed throughout the visual journey laid before you.

Enjoy the options of Jaiya’s hypnotic voice-over-instruction or a soothing music track.This high quality instructional erotica will change your sex life forever! After all, quality touch is one of the most important secrets to mind-blowing sex.

“I just watched Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions! Awesome! I think you‚ve created something very special… different from anything I‘ve seen. A beautiful, unique blend of Teaching and Art… sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, fun, and Love. Thank you!”- Mike, Knoxville TN



Cena: 1 DVD 650 Kč (Set 5 DVD řada RED HOT TOUCH 3000 Kč)

Discover untold pleasures!

Now you can learn revolutionary techniques from some of the most beautiful anal touch ever filmed. This high quality work of sensual instruction will teach you how to give exquisite anal pleasure. Watch either a lesson for men (includes milking of the prostate) or women (g-spot through the anus). You’ll love the bonus features that show you how to ignite the erogenous zones of the derriere and prepare for anal massage.

This educational film has a magical way of helping you and/or your lover feel more comfortable with anal touch by giving you permission to say “yes!” You will not only learn how to give anal pleasure but also how to fully receive. Discover new levels of intimacy and experience amazing pleasure both inside and out.

“I had a lot of shame around having that part of my body touched…but when my husband showed me your DVD I felt like I could at least give it a try…I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I felt because you looked so natural and like you were having such fun with your partner. I guess my fear went away and I suddenly felt more freedom to enjoy.” – Anonymous



Cena: 1 DVD 650 Kč (Set 5 DVD řada RED HOT TOUCH 3000 Kč)

What are the erotic massage techniques that will have him melting beneath your fingertips and moaning for more?

Jaiya reveals her secrets in this exquisitely filmed DVD that gives you over 20 touch techniques to take him into a prolonged state of arousal and into pleasure he never knew possible. These techniques can be erotically playful all on their own or combined with lovemaking for a wondrous experience. Imagine him writhing beneath the power of your touch and feeling more connected to you than ever before.

Watch with music only or listen to the hypnotic voice over instruction by somatic sex expert Jaiya. And don’t leave yourself out; this DVD is perfect when combined with Genital Massage for Women.

“ Last night I surprised my husband with what I learned from your Genital Massage for Men DVD. I set up the room with candles, pictures of us, chimes and raw organic coconut oil. This morning, I walked in the door… to him saying with bliss and love in his heart, “I am married to you. You are amazing.” He is in a state of bliss; beaming from ear to ear, saying thank you and giving me juicy appreciation hugs and kisses. I told him, “I did not think you could be any happier. I guess I was wrong.” He belly laughed and blushed.” -Jennifer Gilbert, Greenville SC



Cena: 1 DVD 650 Kč (Set 5 DVD 3000 Kč)

Imagine your satisfaction as she says “Oh, my GOD- That was phenomenal! I have always wanted to be touched like that!”

What is the secret to giving her the touch she wants and needs? Watch and learn precise ways to master over 20 techniques that blend vulva massage, clitoral stimulation, and g-spot pleasure. Plus, you’ll learn ways to strengthen your connection to her and build sexual trust for deeper, longer lasting orgasms and maybe even female ejaculation. Learning will come easy for you as you watch 3 couples demonstrate each technique along with optional voice over instruction by Somatic Sex Expert Jaiya. Or feast your eyes on the aroused and beautifully filmed female genitals as you listen to the trancelike soundtrack. Perfect for anyone who loves to pleasure a woman!

“My new partner has told me many times how „easy“ it is for her to be with me, how I seem very confident yet not arrogant in any way, and how we both seem so comfortable to be ourselves with each other. That was not a likely quick outcome before…I hope that hearing of these changes, all positive, all very personal, all very meaningful, will make you happy to see how much your teaching and how much you personally have impacted my life and my life’s satisfaction…”- Nick, Columbus Ohio

Femme à femme – Erotic Massage (Erotická masáž femme a femme – jen pro ženy)


Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (3 DVD 1700 Kč)

Enter the sensual world of erotic massage for the female body given by three female professional massage practitioners. Follow their step-by-step instructions as they present the art of erotic massage through gentle, flowing strokes to the:

  • The back
  • The feet
  • The arms
  • The torso
  • The genitals
  • The neck & head
  • .…..and more.

Your hands will give the touch of love. She will receive the gift of pleasure.

Another fine presentation by Secret Garden Publishing, producers of Tantric Massage and Magdalene Unveiled.

Fire in the Valley – Female Genital Massage (Oheň v údolí – masáž pohlaví pro ženy)


Délka: 180 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (3 DVD 1700 Kč)

Now the most comprehensive female genital massage in the world is available for your home study. This course teaches you a profound way to both give and receive love. In this DVD you will learn over thirty different massage strokes on the vulva to wake up passion, to integrate past traumas, and to communicate love.

The demonstrations here include Betsy massaging her lover– Emilie, David caressing his pregnant wife–Rachel, Letta pleasuring herself, and Annie demonstrating „medibation“, her combination of meditation and masturbation. The DVD includes bonus footage of one of the best vulva massages ever filmed. Dr. Annie Sprinkle says, „For twenty five years I‚ve been researching female sexuality. I‘ve taken and taught many trainings and worked with the world’s top sex experts. However, my best source of information has come from experimenting with my own body. The lessons you will learn in this DVD have produced the most powerful, deeply satisfying results of anything I have yet discovered.“

Fire on the Mountain – Male Genital Massage (Oheň na hoře – masáž pohlaví pro muže)


Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (3 DVD 1700 Kč)

In this instructional DVD, Joseph Kramer Ph.D. teaches the joys of giving and receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage, a form of erotic touch that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm.
This three-hour DVD also includes erotic massage demonstrations in German, five additional interviews with erotic masseurs, a resources section as well as sixty pages of text instruction and commentary, including the massage stroke-by-stroke in English, German, and Spanish.

Good Vibrations says: „Treat your favorite penis to the ultimate hand-job, courtesy of the detailed live action instructions. Two male lovers demonstrate 25 different strokes on each other. Male and female viewers alike will be inspired to try them all.“ Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, says: „There is no better DVD to teach a woman the art of male genital massage which is why I use Fire on the Mountain to train my SkyDancing Tantra teachers.“ Although Fire on the Mountain was produced for a gay men audience, all men and women are invited to use this instruction to learn Taoist Erotic Massage.

Uranus – Self Anal Massage for Men (Uranus – anální sebepotěšení pro muže)


Délka: 40 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (3 DVD 1700 Kč)

Anal pleasure and health are important frontiers to be explored. This DVD offers complete instruction in self anal massage. Learn impeccable hygiene, enemas, sphincter muscle toning, and relaxation of the butt muscles. Explore the pleasures of sphincter massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation. Discover the best positions, toys and dildos to maximize your pleasure.

This self anal massage can be important for men’s emotional health, since the anal area is a place where we hold our paranoia and fears. It can also be extremely relaxing, pleasurable and erotic.

Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure – Volume 1 (Anální masáž pro uvolnění a potěšení – vol. 1)


Délka: 160 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (
3 DVD 1700 Kč)

Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure (Volume One) offers you two and half hours of expert, hands-on demonstrations by professional bodyworkers, sex educators and four real-life couples: two male/female, one male/male and one female/female.
Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Robert Lawrence guide you stroke-by-stroke through a relaxing Rosebud Massage.

Explore the exquisite pleasures of anal eroticism. Learn prostate massage techniques and the art of giving a woman simultaneous genital and anal stimulation.
Two real-time demonstrations by Chester Mainard offer you the option of learning external and internal anal massage on either a woman or on a man.
This DVD along with Anal Massage for Lovers (Volume Two) offers you the most comprehensive anal touch education available anywhere. Both beginners and advanced students will profit from this rich resource.

Anal Massage for Lovers – Volume 2 (Anální masáž pro milence – vol. 2)


Délka: 130 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (
3 DVD 1700 Kč)

This DVD is Volume two of the most comprehensive course on anal massage available anywhere. Four passionate couples (two female-male, one male-male, one female-female) show you how they use anal touch to expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust.

Sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence introduce each of the four love-making scenes, sharing wisdom that can enhance your communication and lovemaking skills. The lovers offer practical advice in additional soundtracks and interview segments.

130 minutes of video with 60 additional minutes of audio teaching.

Evolutionary Masturbation – An Intimate Guide to the Male Orgasm (Evoluční masturbace – intimní průvodce mužským orgasmem)


Délka: 55 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (
3 DVD 1700 Kč)

What part of the male anatomy gets the most touch with the least creativity? Four erotically-gifted men share with you their ecstatic self loving.
The premise of this course is that changing how you masturbate can transform your whole life. Evolutionary Masturbation invites you to practice more than twenty innovative masturbation strokes that awaken self-love, creativity and boundless pleasure. The teaching also explores penis reflexology, self-massage, erotic breathing rhythms and prolonging orgasm.

Masturbation Memoirs (Masturbační memoáry)


Délka: 67 minut
Cena: 1 DVD 600 Kč (3 DVD 1700 Kč)

This movie was produced during the controversial dismissal of Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the first African-American and the first woman U.S. Surgeon General, for suggesting masturbation be included as part of sex education. These films are a tribute to her.
Sex experts, in their sexual prime, forty to fifty year olds, share their experience and histories of masturbation.

Annie Sprinkle stars with her beautiful orgasmic „Crygasm“ and spiritual „Medabation“. Juliet Carr (former 70′s porn star extrodinaire) shares her insights into new ways of masturbating after her hysterectomy. We share our own stress reducing and spiritual gathering masturbation. The luscious and political Scarlot Harlot contributes her large size and humorous masturbation to round out the wisdom of the group.

The art of fiale Self Pleasuring


Délka: 120 minut

New World Sex Education is proud to announce our newest release featuring Jaiya s teachings that lead a beginner as well as experienced women through a transformational ritual of Tantric Female Self Pleasuring.
In this 2 disc DVD set you will experience a unique and magical journey deep into the world of women loving themselves through the practice of ancient sacred sexual arts. This video is for women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks. And also for men who can learn how to be better lovers by witnessing how women find pleasure. Jaiya, an expert in sexual wellness, will guide you through Tantric Ritual, Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing, Erotic Trance States and Deep Orgasm. Beautifully shot in HD with artistry and elegance, the women on this video are captured in all their glory.
In this Video you will learn:

  • Full Body Sensual Awakening
  • Full Body Self Erotic Massage
  • Orgasmic Breathing/Erotic Trance States
  • Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure
  • Secrets to Female Sexuality
  • Extra Features
  • Kundalini Ritual
  • Dance for Pleasure
  • Excellent Teachings By Jaiya

Topics Explored Include: Overcoming Sexual Shame, Female Ejaculation, The G-Spot, Sexual Healing, Self Pleasuring, Sexuality and Spirituality.

Expand her orgasm tonight!


Délka: 60 minut

This DVD illustrates in a step-by-step manner how to bring a woman into an exceptional state of orgasm using manual stimulation and loving attention. The techniques discussed and illustrated in this video are foundational to all forms of making love, and form a beautiful way to start a date. These kind of experiences can also be enjoyed as a whole and complete experience in and of themselves. Discover and observe clitoral stoking, g-spot stimulation, female ejaculation, touching with awareness, how to take a woman over multiple orgasmic edges, and a range of other topics. The DVD has 4 sections.

  • An overview of what is an expanded orgasm and how it differs from regular, extended, and multiple orgasm.
  • A puppet model illustrating where an how to couch a woman’s genitals.
  • Demonstration of a woman in an Expanded Orgasmic state for roughly 30 minutes.
  • Question and Answer section.

Oral Sex for Couples – Volume One – Connected Cunnilingus and Fabulous Fellatio


Délka: 60 minut

Are you ready to take your oral sex skills to a new level of mastery? Learn how to give great head and great hand in this one of a kind video. Connected Cunnilingus and Fabulous Fellatio is the first volume of the renowned Oral Sex for Couples series by leading sex educator Jaiya. Join our couples as they explore each other’s bodies masterfully performing techniques, so that you can learn how to stay connected while at the same time giving and receiving optimal oral pleasure! You Will Learn Ways to Stay Connected During Oral Lovemaking Male and Female Sexual Anatomy Kissing Techniques How to Give Fabulous Fellatio Cunnilingus She’ll NEVER forget Bonus Features Jaiya’s Oral Sex Teachings Behind the Scenes Trailers

Oral Sex For Couples – Volume Two – Orgasmic Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Anilingus


Délka: 60 minut

Get ready to give your partner Oral Sex that they’ll never forget and receive oral pleasure you’ve only dreamed about. Orgasmic Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Anilingus is the second volume of the renowned Oral Sex for Couples series by leading sex educator Jaiya. Learn over 50 techniques as you watch our beautifully filmed couples explore oral lovemaking that results in authentic orgasms. You Will Learn Deep Throat Techniques Hand and Mouth Combinations Energetic, Clitoral and Ejaculatory Orgasms Awesome Anilingus Bonus Features Jaiya’s Oral Sex Teachings Interviews Trailers

Oral Sex For Couples -Volume Three- Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking


Délka: 60 minut

Are you wanting to spice up your oral love life? It’s time to up the heat and creativity by increasing your erotic repertoire. Sexual Positions for Oral Lovemaking is the third volume of the renowned Oral Sex for Couples series by leading sex educator Jaiya. In this fun, information packed video you will learn positions for oral sex that will leave you inspired, and aroused. You’ll even learn free form oral for creating your own ways to come into oral contact with ultimate pleasure.

You Will Learn:

  • Positions for Comfort and Pleasure
  • The Best Positions for Deep Throating
  • Ways to Ravish Her
  • Free Form Oral Lovemaking
  • Bonus Features
  • Jaiya’s Oral Sex Teachings
  • Free Form Oral Instruction
  • Interviews
  • Trailers

Porod jak jej známe


Film BIRTH AS WE KNOW IT (Porod jak jej známe).
Film obsahuje 11 přirozených porodů, včetně domácího porodu, porodu ve vodě, porodu dvojčat a dokonce úplně samostatného porodu Tanyi Sargunas. Součástí filmu jsou rozhovory na témata jako sexualita zrození, vedlejší účinky a následky císařského řezu, spiritualita porodu, a další. Obsah je prezentován nekonfliktním a nádherně inspirativním způsobem.

Film je v původním znění s českými titulky

BONUSY (v angličtině):

  • Director’s commentary – 72 mins Instrumental version – 72 mins
  • Lotus birth – 6 mins Special Interviews – 18 mins Circumcision – 5 mins

„Porod jak jej známe si vás získá svoji přirozenou krásou. Jemně ukazuje a citlivě pozoruje jeden z nejvíce intimních a zároveň kouzelných okamžiků, zrod nového člověka. Vzácné a inteligentní.Vědecky podložené. Doporučuji všem budoucím rodičům, kteří chtějí umožnit příchod nové generaci milujících dětí.“

Thomas R. Verny MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC, prezident APPPAH

10 minutová ukázka tohoto dokumentu je ke shlédnutí na adrese:

Cesta k ženskému orgasmu


Ženské tělo skrývá mnohem víc tajemství, než to, co se učíme v rámci školní docházky. Dokonce ani studentky lékařských oborů či porodnictví mnohdy netuší, jak vypadá anatomie nejcitlivějších ženských částí. Možná máte pocit, že o svém těle už vše víte a že to, jak umět sex, máme v genech. Ve skutečnosti se ale umění milování i sebepotěšení potřebujeme učit jako jakékoli další dovednosti.
Chcete-li poznávat přirozenou cestu k rozvoji ženství, jehož součástí je i vzrušení, máte v ruce unikátní učebnici funkční ženské anatomie a sebepotěšení nejen pro ženy, kterou vás provede první česká sex koučkaJulie Gaia Poupětová.

První DVD
Porozumíte tomu, jak vlastně funguje v našem těle orgasmus a dovíte se, proč vám snaha o vaginální orgasmus možná brání v tom rozvíjet ty opravdu silné stránky vlastního těla. Zjistíte, že naše smysly a jejich citlivost jsou klíčem k silnějším a pestřejším zážitkům v erotice. Dovíte se také, proč je rozvoj citlivosti tak důležitý a jak potlačování senzitivity zabraňuje tomu, po čem v erotice často toužíme. ..

Druhé DVD
Na druhém DVD pochopíte, že umění sebemilování není přirozeně součástí naší genetické výbavy. Naopak, dovednosti sebepotěšení se nejen můžeme, ale i musíme učit a to nám dává možnost postupně rozvíjet například ženskou ejakulaci či lepší prožitek vlastního orgasmu. Po malých krůčcích zjístíte, jak nejen posilovat, ale i uvolňovat pánevní dno. Dovíte se, jakým způsobem používat vibrátory tak, abyste rozvíjely citlivost svého těla. Všechny dovednosti z prvního i druhého DVD budete moci využívat nejen při cestě ke svému prvnímu orgasmu či objevování citlivých míst svého G-bodu, ale i při milování se svým partnerem či jako inspiraci k novým hrám ve vašem vztahu.

Soft Cock Erotic Massage: Sensuous Lessons for the Orgasmic Man


Why have so few men experienced the wonders of soft cock erotic massage? Would you be interested if it were possible to orgasm from soft cock erotic massage?   Ursula, Jesse and Tho are skilled erotic bodyworkers. They offer you a master class in giving and receiving a neglected pleasure—soft cock erotic massage. You will learn more than twenty ways to take your man into orgasmic bliss by stimulating his soft penis.

This video class suggests that you commit to soft cock massage as an erotic yoga practice. One session will fill your body with profound pleasure. Ten soft cock erotic massages will open your heart. Fifty sessions will change forever what you think is erotically possible. The stimulation from one hundred soft cock erotic massage sessions will rewire your neurology, expanding your erotic capacities.

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